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About us

About us

Kansas City Barbeque is a restaurant and bar located in the harbor district of San Diego, California. Self-proclaimed as the “Top Gun Bar”, it is known for being the filming location for scenes used in the film Top Gun.

Opened 40 years ago by Kansas City natives Martin and Cindy Blair Kansas City Barbeque was one of the first restaurants to usher in the downtown dining re-vitalization of San Diego which is known today as the premier destination for all things travels and business related. The location of the restaurant was key for Martin and Cindy because in the coming years downtown would soon construct its famous Convention Center and a multitude of hotels all surrounding the barbeque. However, Kansas City Barbeque is most famous for a 1986 classic movie.

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Top Gun

How did the bar became famous from the hit movie "Top Gun"?

This one was a stroke of luck. The location director for Paramount Studios was driving through downtown San Diego in search of locations during the filming of “Top Gun” at Miramar NAS. After stopping in for a beer, he likes the joint and brought back the director, Tony Scott, who approached us about the possibility of closing down for a day to do some shooting. In retrospect, it was one of our better business decisions.



600 W. Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA


Open 7 days a week and Holidays!
11am till late night; dining available till 11pm, bar until 1:30pm
(Open early for Chiefs games)